The Farm in your Pocket

Finally, it is here!

What an absolute pleasure it is to introduce you all to the future of farming.

The App draws on Livestock Wealth’s commitment to crowd-farming, simplicity, an investor-first approach to services, as well being both interactive and innovative. As such, in building this app together, you as select investors will be in the driving seat; having the first look into the app, the ability to provide feedback and recommendations and mostly importantly, share your Livestock Wealth story with us and others on social media.

Your engagement as beta testers will be seamless in that our only requirement is that you simply log into your Andriod or iPhone app on a daily basis, whenever and wherever you are, be it during your breakfast or after your dinner, be it in Johannesburg, South Africa or in Berlin, Germany.

App Features


My Farms

This functionality has been designed to remotely bring all farm specific information to your smartphone.



The financials section is dedicated to simplifying the investment process, you will be able to request your latest financial statement and cow certificates etc.



Your app will allow you to send the Livestock Wealth team any questions, quaries, and messages directly from the convenience of your smartphone.



The key features here are the Blog and FAQ's which are tailored towards sharing all Livestock Wealth event updates and press coverage such as videos, articles, and interviews.

We are Mooo-vers and shakers