how livestock wealth works

• Join an existing farm and share in its profits by owning a cow on the farm.

• Once a member you will always be a member of the farm

• The farm buys and raises calves naturally to produce grass-fed beef.

• Every grown cow sold for beef is replaced by the farm.

• The farm is transparent through our Mobile App and quarterly financial reports.

• The annual profits of the farm are shared per number of cows owned on the farm.

• The projected profits from the farm should afford you an additional calf every two to three years*.

More Questions


Are the cows insured?

We have created a self-insurance model for the cows.


What are my buying options ?

You can buy online by Credit Card or contact us for a bank transfer.


What happens after buying ?

You receive a cattle ownership certificate, invoices, and your cow is linked to your profile.


Can I buy a portion of the cow?

Not yet. We allow lay bye over 3, 6 or 12 months.


If I no longer want to own the cow?

We sell your cow and membership at fair value to another buyer.