how livestock wealth works

• An investor buys a six to eight-month old calf that has been skillfully sourced our from preferred farmers.
• The calf is raised at the farm until it reaches a mature age of 30 – 33 months
• The mature cow is slaughtered to produce high value free-range, hormone-free, grass-fed beef

• We sell the meat online, or through bulk wholesale and to niche export markets through its GrassBeefTM brand

• The owner of the cow makes a return of between and 10% p.a. and 15% p.a. from the sale of the meat

More Questions


What are my risks ?

All risks are insured.


What are my buying options ?

- Installment, Cash Deposits, EFT, Credit Cards, TransferWise, Stripe, Buying as a group


What happens after buying ?

Certificate, Farm Visit, App update, Newsletter


Can I borrow against my cow ?

Yes you can.


How easy is to get out ?

We sell it to someone else.