On a cloudy Johannesburg afternoon on 6 December last year, I got a WhatsApp message from a number I couldn’t recognize. It simply said – “Congratulations from Gede”. I took it he was congratulating me on winning the SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards that Livestock Wealth took first place two weeks prior. Not wanting to sound unconversational – I simply responded “Thanks Gede”.

We conversed on text and he said he was keen to visit the Kokstad farm during the December holidays. “Me and my wife will leave on the 15th and will stop at Margate to my daughter for a day, two and then move to the farm”, he said. This was Anderson Gede – one of our investors – a proud owner of three cows. I quickly put him in touch with Donald – our farm operations co-ordinator and created a mini-WhatsApp group called “Anderson Gede Farm Visit”.

“Mr Gede, meet Don. Don, meet Mr Gede, he is planning to visit the farm about 16 or 17th of December” I say. They exchange pleasantries with Mr Gede saying “Excited, looking forward to seeing you and the cows of course”. They moved the conversation from text to voice and cut me out of the loop and I had no clue of what eventually transpired.

On the second day being back at the office, just before the first cup of coffee – I received the most heartwarming message the same gentleman. It read “Hi Ntuthuko (that’s me), I have been to the farm, walking about my cows was very impressive, it is a dream come true. I am actually motivated to do more. Calves are healthy! It is a good thing to begin the year in this way. May God bless you on all the endeavors ahead. Anderson Gede”.

I am not one for getting emotional – but that message got to that section of the heart that holds tears. It brought home the reason we started Livestock Wealth, to fulfill the dreams of owning cattle to people who do not have the means, enabling them to grow wealth in a way that is easy to understand.


This morning (10 Jan) he popped in to the office to say hello and check up on his account. As we talked he mentioned how he has tried many things – such as putting money in the bank and getting pretty much the same amount back and being hounded by the knowledge that the bank made more money from his money than they have given him.

I insisted we take a photo.

Here is to dreams, cows and 2018.





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  • bareng 18 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    Good morning Mr.Shezi,

    I heard your interview with Bruce on Radio 702, and I must say, I was move by that conversation and I hope many listeners felt the same way.

    I would to study the business and eventually join and hopefully, at a later stage, tell people about this wonderful business concept. As see a lot of growth in this venture

  • Mike 18 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    That’s a very encouraging story. I personally heard about the livestock opportunity sometime last year from a colleague of mine over lunch at work.Since that day it got me thinking “How nice it will be for a professional like me coming from an “IT background “to own a cow or two and something I can leave for my children one day when I’m no more. However, I started having a lot of questions about your model. e.g My idea is not to be locked down as I want to start small and once I have enough cows I can take them back home in Limpopo, which led me to my second question knowing the location of your three farms not close to my province.
    With all the questions I have and hope they will be answered. I must say that I really like and impressed by your unique business model, Hearing your interview on 702 and realised that you are not a farmer by profession yourself was very impressive, to say the least, and made me take the first step and realised that its possible. More especially now that IT is everywhere and there are lot of use cases
    around IoT, cloud solutions, tagging, and tracking of animals which can be used to always be informed on your livestock.
    “I guess the sky is only the limit”

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