25km from Vryheid & 45km from Dundee and Utrecht. On the R34. The 18-year average (Whist owner by Trapeda Trust) is 752mm per annum.Moderate frost is common during the winter months from mid-May to mid-August. Snow falls have been recorded three times during 18 years in July. The soils vary from sandy loam to a loamy type with some clay type soils in the lower lying areas.

The Fairplay farm in Vryheid, Northern Kwazulu Natal, is where the magic of Livestock Wealth began. It is not a coincidence that the first 40 cows bought to test the Livestock Wealth model were located in a town renowned for its coal mining and beef farming prowess as well as being earmarked as the gateway to the North Coast.

Situated in the open grasslands and wetlands to the west of Vryheid which offer something completely different from the wooded habitats of the south and east, this area is the prime grain and cattle farming region, as well as being home to important historical sites and battlefields.

Under the management of Bill van Lelyveld, who is a seasoned Brahman farmer and the current the Chairman of the KZN Brahman Club, the farm sits on the banks of the Blood River and currently has a carrying capacity of 220 cows. It is mainly characterised by its sandy loam to loamy sands as well as its high rainfall yields, at 750mm per annum. Access to wetlands and water sources in the area is thus very good, of which, this is of added benefit to our Livestock Wealth farmers and provides a diversity of scenery for investors who are natural lovers, bird watchers and hikers during their farm visits.